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levitra 10mg (vardenafil)

It is developed for the elimination of erection problems in men

levitra 10mg (vardenafil)

The man has an erection only if the sex arterioles are relaxed. They are located in the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis. When a young man is excited and nitrous oxide enters the nerve endings in the penis, cGMP enzymes are released. They are responsible for the blood flow to the penis. Vardenafil, the main component of Levitra, blocks the splitting of cGMP, which means that a quality erection is preserved for a long time.

How does the drug work?

The drug is absorbed into the blood instantly. A peak of action of Levitra is observed an hour later. The effect lasts up to 12 hours. For the drug to be effective, it needs to be taken on an empty stomach. Fatty and high-calorie foods weaken the effect of vardenafil. After 5 hours, the liver begins breaking down the main component. Metabolism products are cleared naturally through the intestines. The smallest part, about 6%, is excreted by the kidneys. Even if these organs slightly malfunction, follow the general recommendations on dosage - it will not harm the body.

What are the advantages of Levitra?

  • The drug is indicated even with complex pathological changes. The drug appeared on the pharmaceutical market relatively recently and, due to its effectiveness, immediately gained popularity.
  • Long action. The effect comes quickly and lasts up to 12 hours
  • Vardenafil, the main component, is superior in selectivity to other PDE5 inhibitors. It is these substances that determine the mechanism of drug action
  • If you use Levitra, you do not have to limit yourself in alcohol. Drinking is allowed, but in moderation. This will not have an effect on the result
  • Levitra is a drug that is safe for human health. The main thing is to comply with the dosage

Is the medicine effective?

A dose of 10 mg is indicated for men with weak potency. This amount of the drug should be enough to cope with erectile dysfunction, even if the case is very severe. This is the optimal dose that will solve the problem with erection. The drug can be taken on a regular basis. This is another advantage of Levitra.

Is the medicine available without a prescription?

You can buy medicine at a pharmacy only if you have a prescription. But if you order Levitra on the Internet, it is not needed. Nonetheless, a preliminary consultation with a doctor will definitely not be redundant. The specialist will diagnose, identify problems, determine the cause of erectile dysfunction and the severity of the disease. The doctor will select the optimal dosage to ensure that the drug does not harm a man's health.

How do you take the drug?

Levitra is taken 40-50 minutes before sexual intercourse, although, in some situations, the gap between medication use and sexual contact may be 5-6 hours. The drug is active for up to 12 hours. The initial dosage is 10 mg. In some cases, it is recommended to reduce it to 5 mg. Although the maximum allowed dose per day reaches 20 mg, exceeding the recommended dosage is unreasonable. This will increase the risk of side effects.

In order for Levitra to work, sexual stimulation must occur. This will ensure a lasting and strong erection. If you managed to achieve this result without stimulation, there is too much vardenafil in the body - reduce the dosage of the drug.

Are there any restrictions on taking the medication?

Men with mild liver and kidney problems, patients over 65 years old can take the drug according to general conditions. In the presence of serious diseases of internal organs, the dosage should be reduced to 10 mg. If you take 20 mg of the drug, you can cause irreversible harm to the body.