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levitra soft 20mg (vardenafil)

It is developed for the elimination of erection problems in men

levitra soft 20mg (vardenafil)

The main component of Levitra Soft is vardenafil. It quickly gets into the bloodstream. After 10-20 minutes, an erection occurs (with presence of sexual arousal). The drug has a stimulating effect on the walls of the cavernous bodies of the penis. A man feels the strength and is capable of a long and high-quality sexual intercourse.

What is the difference between Levitra Soft and regular Levitra?

  • Pleasant taste (the drug does not leave a medicinal aftertaste)
  • Chewable tablets, no need to drink water (capsules cannot be simply swallowed)
  • The drug begins to act within 15 minutes (for ordinary tablets, this process is delayed for half an hour)
  • The result is preserved for 12 hours
  • Side effects are minimal and practically do not appear
  • It is allowed to combine pills with high-calorie food, alcohol

What to choose: the original or analog?

Levitra is a well-known drug brand that temporarily restores an erection. The medicine is effective and affordable. The main component is Vardenafil. Not so long ago, an analog appeared on the pharmaceutical market - Generic Levitra Soft. It is available in chewable form, which is very convenient. The pill acts in the body in the same way as the original, but it is several times cheaper. You can tell from your own experience which option works better and faster. First, try Levitra Soft. If it does not help, get the original product.